Customer satisfaction is our key objective. As such, Traccia’s philosophy is to ensure a thorough knowledge of the sectors wherein we operate and of the relevant ICT technologies as they represent the cause and tool of all major changes in business realities, affecting directly the way companies operate and their human resources.

Any change must be managed step by step, from the strategic definition of the actions to be carried out to their actual implementation. Multi-specialized skills are necessary in order to ensure a 360° perspective of how the company operates, taking into consideration all the functions carried out at every level, from Upper Management to the company’s End-users.
In this way it is possible to guarantee that a technology change or technology introduction brings the highest level of results, guiding business operations towards strategic objectives, allowing them to maximize efficiency and avoid wasteful or badly coordinated partial solutions.

Result orientation is the most logical and significant outcome and is translated by guiding the complete spectrum of company activities, in their various phases, towards specific project results.
Quality analysis and assurance is carried out during the whole change management process.

Project Management has a key role in the process, guiding and ensuring that every intervention is carried out as planned with the support and contribution of the various decision makers and company players relevant to the company function in question.
The size and flexibility of La Traccia ensures that the necessary assistance can be provided to large, medium and small enterprises alike, providing a customized solution that matches both straightforward and highly complex requirements.

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