Management for healthcare organizations
The system addresses the complete set of issues present today in Healthcare Organizations and Hospitals through direct modules or Web services to third-party applications. Integrated into the regional system, SIC provides valuable tools in the various economic, administrative and operational sectors, in order to improve operational processes and guarantee a better management of healthcare organizations.

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It is comprised of the following modules:

Accounting and Financial Performance Analysis
In compliance with Legislative Decree 118/2011, it produces the Balance Sheet Forecast, Financial Statement, Budget, and Analytical Balance Sheet and, integrated with the regional procedure, SIC generates the consolidated financial statements of the healthcare organization.
Accounting Documents, Economic and Financial Management, Mandates and Remittance Slips, Simulations in Analytical Accounting, Budget Overruns Control, T-accounts, Open Debit Payments, Schedule. Customized management of decision-making structures related to analytical movements.

Procurement and Property
Management of moveable or immoveable properties, Use of barcodes and RFID, Management of complex fixed assets, Administrative management of contracts, Management of procurement managers. Integration of warehouse module and moveable property with direct creation of assets. Maintenance of moveable properties, Inventory and depreciation calculations printouts.

Management of requests from hospital units, orders, shipping notes, invoices with direct integration with accounting modules, fixed assets, analytics. Management of incoming/outgoing via barcodes. Warehouse inventory.

Data for Transparency

Publication of data to ensure transparency to the process: payments, documents relating to acts and contracts.

Management Control
Financial Management, Monitoring of expenditure, Monitoring Activities for Cost Centers. Dashboards for allocation of costs between cost centers and audit reports.

Business Intelligence
Statistical Analysis, Reporting and Decision Making Dashboards.

Integrazione Sistemi Esterni
Integration with AIRO software, FEDERMARMA databanks, integration with cashflow software.

Queries via Mobile devices.

Functional Characteristics
The product can be easily integrated through internal modules or Web Services, and covers all management aspects of healthcare organizations.
There are modules that extend the original functions, such as, for example the specific management of IT assets as part of the inventory.

The system is Web based.
Particular care has been given to the maintainability of the system, paying attention to the required developments while having in mind possible future developments, ensuring during the design phase that the system is easily expandable.

The same care has been taken to ensure it is user friendly, providing a simple, clear and consistent user interface.

Technological Characteristics
The system architecture of the software is based on Oracle Apex, JAVA, Oracle PL/SQL. As Application servers it uses Oracle OIAS, Tomcat, Axis2 and Apache. The Data Manager is Oracle Database Server 11g.

The communication protocols are Oracle Sql Net, Jdbc.

The system can be used on the various platforms supported today by Oracle: Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris and on varied hardware or in virtual environments.

It is an extremely scalable thanks to the Oracle technology infrastructure and can be used in versions that go from a single user to several hundred users.