It is a complete system to track and locate the exact position and internal temperature of a transplant organ carrier.

It is a complete system to track and locate the exact position and internal temperature of a transplant organ carrier.
The system consists of a self-powered hardware tool (Track-BOX), able to record position and temperature data and transmit them in real time, and a software system (O-caring) to visualize the position and the path on a cartographic map and temperature data on a self-scaled graph.


The Track-BOX device is made of a shock absorbent plastic material with IP65 protection (which allows it to stay outdoors even under the rain). It can be turned on/off by means of an external button; once activated the Track-BOX will immediately show its position by a GPS signal and will store internally related data. The device is equipped by a temperature probe, to record and transmit to the central server the temperature inside the organ container and monitor the trend in real time.

The journey supervisor can decide to enable the transmission of location data in real time to the central server, by means of the GSM/GPRS network; in this way, in addition to the path, it will be possible to monitor the position of the organ transportation vehicle and the temperature inside moment by moment.

Each Track-BOX has an unique code that will be linked to a specific journey making it possible to extract position and temperature data from the software database.


The software to consult data transmitted by Track-BOX devices is Web based. Selecting a specific Track-BOX code it is possible to see the entire path or the exact position of the vehicle during the journey, if GSM/GPRS transmission is on.

It is also possible to link other information to the journey data such as the unique code assigned to the donor by the National Transplant Centre (CNT), the intensive care unit where the donor is, which kind of organ and which kind of carrier is involved. Using all these data the system will produce a printable “Organ Transport Sheet”, that might be used as a shipping note for the organ container.

The software can also be accessed from the GEDON system; in this way information about organ donation, about the removal team and about the transplant unit will automatically be transmitted to the tracking system.

Similarly it will be possible for any other software to automatically feed the same data to the system, only by implementing its communication interface.


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