T(MP)2 – Predictive Medicine and Proximity Medicine’s Technologies (Program’s Contracts for Large Single Enterprises or with participating SMEs – Puglia Region) (Operazione cofinanziata con il Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale Puglia POR Puglia 2014 – 2020 ‘Investiamo nel vostro futuro’ Asse I – Obiettivo specifico 1a – Azione 1.1 (R&S); Asse I – Obiettivo specifico 1a – Azione 1.3 Innovazione tecnologica); Asse III – Obiettivo specifico 3a – Azione 3.1 (Attivi Materiali))

Link to the project website: T(MP)2

T(MP)2 (Technologies for Predictive Medicine and Proximity Medicine) is an investment program in Research and Development financed by the Puglia Region and carried out in collaboration between the SME Cooperative EDP La Traccia and the Large Enterprise Dedalus. The goal is to create a new product in the health sector (specific sector of nephrology and dialysis) that is suitable for new healthcare models. The new health models that refer to the concepts of “Widespread Hospital Presidio”, “Continuity of Care”, “Prevention”, imply the need to implement a Transition of Care which sees as keys to the reading:
• The Patient’s Empowerment and its involvement in the treatment path through the mutation of the Patient Doctor relationship;
• De-hospitalization or treatment in a widespread hospital / home trying to bring the penetrance of home replacement hemodialysis treatments (from the current approximately 8% – patients today in substitutive treatment outside hospital structures – to around 20%; objective declared by SIN – Italian Society of Nephrology), with undoubted economic and social advantages.
Considering, however, that there are numerous factors that condition the process of “Transition of Care” (especially of health, economic and organizational policy), the challenge for the SME consists in giving answers and support to the organizational change taking place with the offer of products innovative compared to current systems.
In particular, there will be a detailed focus on prescribing appropriateness, diagnostics and the administration of drugs by effectively enabling scenarios of Predictive Medicine applicable in specific clinical domains. The solutions developed within T(MP)2 will also be developed in more depth, up to a logic of Proximity Medicine, in the Nephropathic context.
In this sense, the industrial collaboration with the EDP La Traccia Cooperative is focused on the domain of Nephrology, a market niche in which the company covers great know-how and a primary role of national importance. The same applies to the consultancy activities provided by the University of Bari – Department of Emergency and Organ Transplantation (D.E.T.O) Nephrology and Dialysis Unit.

Below, the logical scheme of the Platform subject of the Investment program with the main components and primary interrelation flows between them.
– GENERAL PURPOSE COMPONENT: Dedalus R&D object, it enables diagnostic and therapeutic processes in every hospital setting, regardless of pathology.
– INFRASTRUCTURE: Dedalus R&D object, enables the basic services of the Platform
– SPECIALIST COMPONENT: subject of R&D of the EDP La Traccia Cooperative, it enables integrated diagnostic-therapeutic-assistance treatment processes in the specialist domain of Nephrology and Dialysis.

The collaboration on the themes of Predictive Medicine and Proximity Medicine represents the completion of the personal care path with two ‘new’ meanings:
• Active Prevention given by the use of systems that implement the so-called Predictive Medicine, that is, capable of using a wealth of existing data to identify and notify potential problems before they degenerate
• Proximity Medicine that introduces a new way of assisting the person with chronicity by evolving the concept of Home Assistance towards the approximation of the necessary therapies without the need to upset the family environment. In this case, the goal is to maintain service and care levels by approaching the Assisted Person.