Targa PRE.MED.

Innovative and integrated platform for the predictive diagnosis of the risk of progression of chronic kidney disease, targeted therapy and proactive assistance for patients with autosomal dominant polycystic genetic disease (PON MISE 2014-2020 “HORIZON2020” – ASSE I Priorità di investimento 1b Azione 1.1.3 – Progetto n. F/050065/01-02/X32)

The objective of the project is the prototypal realization of a platform, absolutely original and innovative, which allows the paradigm of precision medicine to be applied to a specific pathology (in this case, the autosomal dominant polycystic genetic disease – ADPKD). principle of continuity of care, much desired by the WHO (World Health Organization), in all phases of the diagnostic, therapeutic and care process with an active role for the patient.