Sì-Ca.Re. (Monitoring and care’s Integrated system for patient with Cardio-Renal syndrome) – New model of hospital-territory integration for home care of patients with heart failure and Chronic kidney disease. (Call INNONETWORK – Puglia Region)
Link to the project site: SI.CA.RE.

The project, divided into several realization objectives, aims to implement an innovative telemedicine and teleassistance platform for the joint monitoring (Cardiological and Nephrological) of the patient suffering from heart failure and chronic renal failure.
Innovative biomedical telemedicine devices will be developed within the planning for home-based monitoring of the patient with cardio-renal syndrome and for the improvement of the patient’s therapeutic adherence through “patient empowerment”. In addition, new methods of monitoring biological parameters (Smart Kit for biomarkers) predicting adverse events related to renal and cardiovascular function will be tested.
The set of biomedical devices for the acquisition of vital signs, the acquisition of home echocardiograph images, smart kits for biomarkers and innovative patient empowerment technologies, will be interconnected to a “Central Station” for cardon monitoring and teleconsultation – Remote nephrology.
The following services will be connected to the “Central Station”:
– Support for Diagnostic Decisions (Knowledge Management System)
– Collection of information deriving from the activities carried out during the path of the Patient with Cardio-Renal disease (Smart CardioRenal System);
– Collaborative Diagnosis among the clinicians involved (Cardiology and Nephrology Specialists, general practitioners and home care).